What are the Different Types of Hair Extensions?


So to answer all the questions at the end of the “Struggle” I decided to start from the very beginning: What are the different types?  To answer this question I did a ton of research on the Internet and I also contacted some wholesalers of hair extensions. Below are some of the questions I had and the answers to them

There are 2 major types of hair extensions Synthetic Hair Extensions and Human Hair Extensions.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair extensions are artificial hair fibres that have been created through a chemical processes in Japan. Although synthetic hair extensions look like human hair extensions, the texture is quite different. Synthetic hair tends to be more coarse than human hair extensions and they gets easily tangled. Because synthetic hair is not real human hair, the hair can’t breathe, which causes the scalp to sweat and itch more than human hair extensions. With really good care they can last approximately 1 to 2 months (that’s 2 months with extremely good care). No heat can be added to the synthetic hair extensions. It will melt or burn! You can probably wash the hair extensions twice before they become extremely tangled and frizzy. So if it starts to rain, I would run and take cover!

Human Hair Extensions

  Human hair extensions are real human hair that is gathered from people. I use the word “gathered” because there are different methods in receiving this hair, which affects the quality of the hair extensions (I will explain this later on). Human hair extensions look very natural and it’s pretty hard to tell that they truly are extensions. Heat can be added to this type of hair extensions, so if you decide you want to add curls to your hair today, you can straighten it with hair straightener of blow dryer. And if you have straight hair extensions and decide today that you want some curls, pick up a curler girl and add some beautiful curls!

Human hair extensions can be washed multiple times. And if you have really good human hair extensions you can dye the hair (we suggest to get a professional hair stylist to dye your hair extensions). Human hair extensions can last 6months to a 1year! There are 3 different types of human hair extensions: 100% Human Hair Extensions, Remy Hair Extensions and Virgin Hair Extensions (more details below).

Is synthetic hair extensions or human hair extensions?

Human hair is better than synthetic because you can do more with the hair, it looks and feels more natural, can be styled in different ways and it lasts longer.

What’s is 100% Human Hair Extensions, Remy Hair Extensions and Virgin Hair Extensions?

100% Human Hair Extensions

100% human hair extensions are made of hair fibres that have been chemically strict of its cuticles. A cuticle is the outer layer of the hair shaft, which provides the hair fibre with strength and protection. When you strip the cuticles you get brittleness, tangling, matting and dryness. These type of human hair extensions last approximately 2-3 months.

Remy Hair Extensions

Remy Hair extensions are human hair extensions were the cuticles are intact, running in one direction and have gone through some steaming process. The steaming process forms the hair into a particular style without damaging the cuticle, the protective layer of the hair fibre. All hair strands are running in one direction, which reduces the possibility of tangling, matting and shedding of the remy hair extensions. Remy hair extensions can be dyed, straightened, curled and washed. They last approximately 6 months to a year with good care.


   Virgin Hair Extensions

  Virgin Hair Extensions are human hair extensions that have NOT undergone any chemical or steaming processes and they come from a single donor. They are 100% raw human hair extensions! This means anything can be done to these wonderful human hair extensions! Washed, coloured, curled, straightened, permed etc. AWESOME! Just like remy hair extensions,  all the cuticles of the Virgin Hair Extensions are kept intact and are running in one direction. There is very minimal tangling, matting and shedding with these human hair extensions. Minimal maintenance is required. These Virgin Hair Extensions are just like your own hair!


Note: Beware of Human Hair Quality Hair extensions! These type of hair extensions are actually a mixture of human hair and synthetic hair.  Usually the human hair is gathered off the floor from salons or hair brushes. The cuticles are not aligned and there is major tangling and matting that occurs!


I hope this answers some of the basic questions about hair extensions. Once again, please check us out at and follow us Instagram and Facebook @sassyhaircollection.





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