The Struggle!!

After seeing all these gorgeous celebrities with long beautiful flowing hair that looks absolutely amazing I thought “Hey! Why the hell can’t I look like that? I want some nice hair like Beyonce.” I knew that there was no way that my natural hair could grow to touch my bum even if I relaxed my hair to make it perfectly straight… Let’s be real, my hair could barely touch my shoulders even when it was relaxed. Soo there had to be another way… I asked my hairdresser and she suggested I buy some packs of hair extensions from the hair store and she could leave out a little bit of my own hair and sew in the rest of the hair extensions. It sound sounded like a great idea!

So off I went to the hair store and I was instantly overwhelmed. There was aisle after aisle with a bunch of racks full of hair and I had no idea where to start. I asked a sales rep what was the best hair. I don’t remember the brand but she told me it was 100% virgin human hair extension which meant it was unprocessed and I could do anything to the hair. Straighten, curl, dye etc. and this was the best quality hair they had in the store. I was sold and bought 3 packs for about $300. I was all excited and 2 days later I went to the salon. After my hair dresser was finished it looked great! And I was on cloud 9… unfortunately, that didn’t last very long.

The first thing I notice about the extensions the next morning was that it shed like crazy! There was hair everywhere! On the bathroom floor, on the counter and even in my food at one point.. Ewww!! And 2 weeks later it was officially over. These 100% “virgin” human hair extensions I bought was all matted at the back. It looked like a bird had built a nice cozy nest at the back of my neck! I tried using some hair lotion that it supposed to make the hair nice and soft… I ended up using half the bottle and I STILL couldn’t brush the hair extensions.  I then tried to wash it and it just clumped all together creating one big massive knot. I was horrified! I couldn’t deal so I took it out immediately. I couldn’t walk around looking crazy! That was a big fail.

I was greatly disappointed but I didn’t want to give up. I did some research online and found that many women had the same problem when buying hair extensions from the hair store. The quality of the hair is terrible; the hair gets matted easily, it shed like crazy, you can’t wash it and the list goes on and on. So if I wanted hair extensions that were going to last over a month, the hair store was a No Go

However during my research I did find some ladies that bought their hair directly from Alibaba, where the hair comes from China. After spending a couple of hours searching for the best Alibaba vendor, I found one that had great pictures and some good reviews. It was Brazilian Virgin Remy Hair extensions. I ordered 3 bundles and it took about 2 weeks to arrive. Again, I could feel the excitement and once the hair arrived, I felt the difference in texture compared to the hair I bought at the hair store. This hair was much smoother and softer. I was super excited! I was going to have my gorgeous fabulous Beyonce hair!!

After I installed the hair, I noticed some shedding but it was nothing compared to the other hair I got from the hair store. For about 3 weeks I was happy. It didn’t get tangly, I could brush it, straight it, curl it! Wow! This was great… (I thought… it didn’t last).

3 weeks after I installed the hair, I was invited to out to a party with my cousins. I wanted to look cute and show off my new beautiful hair. So I shampooed and conditioned the hair in luke warm water. Added a bit of hair lotion and let it air dry as instructed on the package of hair. This was the second time that I washed the hair. And the first time it came out pretty well so I was excited. I put on my outfit and did my makeup and I was feeling HOT! We went to a bar downtown and after a couple of drinks I went to the washroom to freshen up. BOY was I a sight!! My hair had dried completely but it had become matted and was extremely dry. Again I had a lovely hair nest at the back of my neck! I couldn’t believe it! I looked crazy. I frantically tried to comb through the hair with my fingers and it just got caught in the nest. I tried so hard at one point to break a knot, that I cut my finger!! Really?? Really though??!! I wouldn’t believe it! I was walking around thinking that I was HOT Stuff and in reality l was a HOT MESS!! EPIC FAIL! I made my exit stage left. Cursed my cousins for not telling me that I looked crazy and hoped no one took any pictures of me.

Again I was really frustrated but instead of giving up completely on the idea, I sat at my computer and did some research. If this hair is supposed to be human hair why does it get matted? My natural hair doesn’t get like that, so why do the extensions (well except this one time when I was a kid and decided to wash my hair like in the Herbal Essences commercial. I massaged the shampoo in my hair wildly while making the sounds effects from the commercial “YES, YES!!”… Bad idea… Long story short my hair got all tangled and small dreads were created. Each dread was connected to each other. It was a complete disaster and my sister had to cut my hair)? Where can I find good hair? What does Virgin hair mean? What does Remy hair mean? What is the difference between the two?

The information has been overwhelming but over the last 8 months I have been able to figure it all out. I hope this blog will be able to provide insight to those who were like me and had no idea about hair extensions.

Please come back to read more about all your hair extension needs. Please don’t forget to check us out at and follow us on Instagram or Facebook @sassyhaircollection. Become a Sassy Gyrl today and experience luxurious, flawless and gorgeous human hair extensions. If you have any requests on topics you would like us to talk about or if you have any questions, please leave it below!


ME! 🙂

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